How to Make A Bed in Minecraft

How to Make A Bed in Minecraft

Beds are essential in Minecraft. They provide a place for you to sleep to make time pass safely, and after you sleep there, it serves as a respawn point should you ever perish. You’ll need a few resources to craft one, but they’re easy to locate.

You only need two different resources:

  • 3 Pieces of Wool
  • 3 Pieces of Wood

Of the resources, wood is the easiest to find. You can start chopping down any of the trees you see to grab a few planks. The wool, though, is a bit more complicated. All three pieces of the wool need to match, but the wood does not.

Crafting Bed using Resources

To find wool, you’ll need to explore your Minecraft world a little bit. You can locate it in these areas:

  • Fletcher Houses
  • Shepherd Houses
  • Pillager Outposts
  • Plains Villages
  • Woodland Mansions

You can generally find them in chests in these locations. However, you also have the option of obtaining wool from animals, such as sheep. If you’d like to get it off of sheep, you’ll need a pair of sheers, which you need two iron ingots to make them. By using sheers, you can acquire one to three pieces of wool from a sheep. You can also kill a sheep for its wool, but you’ll only receive a single wool piece.

After you have both resources, take them to your crafting station to make your bed. The bedsheets will match the color of the wool pieces. If you’d like to change the color of the wool, you need to find dye in the world.

Dying a Bed in Minecraft

Take a single wool piece and your dye to a crafting station to make it. The wool becomes the color of the dye you’re using, but you’ll need to find three of the same colored wool to make a bed.

If you’ve already made the bed, you can place the bed into your inventory and use the dye on the bed at the crafting station. Place both of your items in the crafting station, and the bed’s sheets will become the color of the dye you’re using.

For those who want to remove the color from the wool or the bed you’re making, you need to use bleach, which requires a lab table to make. After you’ve made your bleach, treat it like dye with your wool or bed and place the items you want to change in your crafting station. The bleach goes away, but you now have a white piece of wool or a white bed.