How to make a chest in Terraria

Craft a simple storage unit with our Terraria Chest guide.

You’re surely going to reach a point in Terraria where you will need to find a way to store the items and resources you have collected. Once your inventory has begun to fill up, you are going to need to find a place to store what you have so you can continue to harvest what you come across.

This is where Chests can come in handy. Chests are storage units that you can come across in the game, but more importantly, you can craft yourself to keep your items safe. There are a lot of different kinds of chests for you to craft in the game, but this guide is focused on the basic Chests to craft.

Find Wood and Iron Bars

In order to craft a Chest, you are going to need 8 pieces of Wood and 2 Iron Bars. Not too difficult of a recipe.

Wood is easily obtained by just chopping down trees. You shouldn’t have any problems with this at all. Just find the nearest bunch of trees and start chopping.

There are a few different ways to craft Iron Bars, the easiest of which is to take 3 Iron Ores to a Furnace. But you can also bring 3 Wrought Iron Fences to a Heavy Work Bench, 4 Iron Fences to an Iron or Lead Anvil.

You could also use a Lead Bar, as that fits into the category of an Iron bar. To get a Lead Bar, either bring 3 Lead Ores to a Furnace or 4 Lead Fences to an Iron or Lead Anvil.

Craft the Chest with a Work Bench

Finally, you’ll need a Work Bench to craft the Chest. A Work Bench is easily crafted by hand with 10 Wood. Once you have done that, all you have to do is use the Work Bench and build that Chest.