How to make a fire in Sons of the Forest

A necessary survival tool.

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Sons of the Forest is a pretty brutal survival game. If you don’t have all the necessary items to live, you will quickly fall prey to the countless cannibals and mutants waiting for you on the island. One of the basic necessities is fire. You can use it to cook, boil water, and keep yourself warm. Without fire, there is an increased chance of you failing your survival challenge early. This guide will show you how to make a fire in Sons of the Forest.

How to build a fire in Sons of the Forest

Fire is a basic need in pretty much every survival game out there. Without fire, you can’t cook food, see at night, or scare off enemies that wander a bit too close to your camp. Luckily, fire isn’t something that you should be wasting a lot of time trying to craft since you can build a fire very early on in the game. It starts off by collecting a few items and making sure that you have your lighter.

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The only component that you need for a basic fire are sticks. Sticks can be found all across the island by simply searching the ground. Of course, sometimes sticks are scarce which is why you can equip your axe and collect them by chopping down small trees as well. You can interact with a stick in your inventory (Right-hand side) to equip it, or hold the E key down to equip it to your hand if one is laying around on the ground.

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With a stick equipped, look at the ground. You should see a prompt appear. Press the left mouse button and you will get a brief animation where your character breaks the stick in half and places it on the ground. You’ll need to do this a few times. With the sticks on the ground, hold down the E key when prompted and you will get another short animation where your character ignites a leaf and starts a small fire.

How to make a reinforced fire in Sons of the Forest

You can make an improved fire by adding stones to it. Grab a stone and equip it to your hands, the same way you did with the sticks to build the initial fire. Once the stone is in your hand look down at the fire, and place the stone in the outlined circle around the base of the fire. Repeat this until the circle of stones surrounding the fire is complete. A reinforced fire will have better durability than a basic fire, and will last longer.

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