How to make a fire indoors in Valheim

Smoke physics is a thing.

A requirement for a worthwhile home in Valheim is to have a fire nearby. You need to keep yourself warm because most of the starting building structures you’re able to make won’t have too much insulation. Without a fire, your character will become too cold, and they can’t sleep. You need to make sure you have a campfire inside. However, a problem with this is that smoke can also suffocate you, so you need to strategically place it inside your home so you don’t choke on it.

How to make fires inside houses

The key is not to put a roof or a floor on top of a fire. When you do that, all of the smoke that comes from burning the wood at that fire rises up and then starts to spread inside of your house, damaging you because it has nowhere to escape. You can build a window next to it inside your home, but it’s probably not enough. We recommend creating your home’s foundation and then adding a small part that has walls around it, creating a makeshift chimney.

Another method is placing campfires right at the center of your home, and opening up the top right at the middle. However, protecting these exposed areas is key. You want to use the thatch roof expansions to create roof angles at 45 or 26 degrees. This way, the smoke can safely escape, and when it rains in Valheim, it doesn’t get in your house or put your fires out.

How you create your home’s chimney is up to you. There’s no end to the creativity a person can express in the game. The primary goal is to watch the smoke physics of every fire you put down inside your house. It needs somewhere to escape, and if it doesn’t, you’ll start choking and taking damage shortly after putting it down.

When you acquire iron for the first time, one of the new projects you can craft is a hearth. It’s a large, open fire place that you can place on the floor without needing to place a campfire on the ground. You still need to have a roof section to let the smoke out, but you can put it anywhere inside your home. It costs quite a bit, though.