How to make a free throw in NBA 2K21

You need to nail those shots at the line.

Knowing how to make free throws in NBA 2K21 is incredibly important. Making your free throws can be the difference between either winning or losing a game. So what do you need to know about making free throws in NBA 2K21? Let’s go over what you have to do.

There are two ways to make a free throw in NBA 2K21. The first method involves using X (Xbox)/Square (PlayStation). When at the line, press and hold X/Square. When you do so, you should see a meter (unless the Shot Meter is off) that includes a larger yellow line and a yellow bar with a clear line in the middle. Your goal is to release X/Square as close as you can to the middle of the yellow bar, right by the clear line. If you do, the free throw should be successful.

The second method involves using the Pro Stick, which is the right stick for both Xbox and PlayStation users. In order to make a free throw with the Pro Stick, shift the right stick down, and then release it when you are ready to shoot. You’ll know when to release when the larger yellow line is right in the middle of the yellow bar, right above that clear line. If, for some reason, that the yellow line is to the left or the right of the bar, shift the right stick either to the left or the right, respectively. This will shift the yellow line towards that part of the bar.

Keep in mind when attempting free throws that attributes of a player will affect the success of the free throw. To illustrate, a player with a poor Free Throw attribute will miss more shots at the line than another player who has a higher rating in that regard.