How to make a hospital in Rimworld

Keeping your colonists healthy keeps them alive, and active

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When your colonists land on the unknown planet in Rimworld, almost anything can happen to them, and sometimes they gain an injury in the process. The best way to handle any severe injury is to ensure you have a designated area to treat them, along with a worthy doctor to manage their pain or the illness plaguing them.

You can create a small section of a hospital much like you would a traditional home, or, when you’re first setting up your colony you can keep it to the necessary sleeping arrangements you have for your colonists. When a colonist is sick or injured, they immediately go to their bed and attempt to rest. From there, the vital thing you need to do is have one of your colonists designated as the doctor.

You can do this by going to the work tab on the bottom row of your interface, and making sure a colonist has the doctor portion checked off. It’s closer to the left side of the tab. If a colonist does not have the box available, they cannot operate as a doctor. You may want to have multiple colonists potentially acting as a doctor, just in case a doctor becomes too sick to perform their

When you want to improve your hospital resources vastly, and you have enough room available, you can construct an area primarily full of hospital beds. Hospital beds work differently than traditional beds and aid in the recovery of your patient. There are five different types of hospital beds you can construct, all with the same amount of comfort and healing bonus. But the silver and golden hospital beds have a higher degree of beauty, which is six and 20, respectively. You need to research hospital beds through the microelectronics tree before unlocking them.

  • Steel hospital bed: Five components and 120 steel to construct
  • Plasteel hospital bed: 40 plasteel, five components, and 80 steel to construct
  • Uranium hospital bed: 40 uranium, five components, and 80 steel to construct
  • Silver hospital bed: 400 silver, five components, and 80 steel to construct
  • Golden hospital bed: 400 gold, five components, and 80 steel to construct

After constructing the hospital bed, you need to click on the injured or sick colonist and direct them to it. They should then rest at this location rather than their traditional bed, ensuring they receive the improvements to their recovery. The healing bonus is not a direct bonus. Instead, it provides a 75 percent increase to the tending quality of the doctoring treating them. The better of a doctor you have, the more healing a patient receives. These beds also increase the success rate of surgeries.

Eventually, you should be able to construct vital monitors to watch over these hospital beds. You want them in the middle of your hospital beds to increase their medical treatment, improve a patient’s immunity, and the success of the surgery. A single vitals monitor can watch up to eight different hospital beds. It does not work on normal beds. It costs 70 steel and three components to construct, and you need to have researched vital monitors from the microelectronics tree and the multi-analyzer.

Patients who have royalty titles may receive benefits from resting in a silver or golden bed, rather than the other options.