How to make a house in Terraria

Make a place to live without worry.

Crafting a house in Terraria might seem like a simple enough process, but there are a few requirements you need to meet for a location to be considered a home. Once you meet these requirements and continue to progress through the game, players should notice additional things unlocking for them, such as additional NPCs, and be able to have those NPCs respawn at those locations.

These are the requirements for a building to be considered a home. If you meet them, you can designate it for an NPC to reside within.

  • The vertical blocks, up and down, have a suitable block around them like a door or have a Platform or Tall gate on them. You can make these blocks dirt, stone, wood, or any type of metal you smelt.
  • The ceiling and floor blocks of the buildings also have blocks around them made out of wood, dirt, stone or other minerals you have smelt. These can also have Trap Doors or Platforms, but the entire floor cannot be made up of platforms.
  • The room must have more than 60 tiles inside fit, but less than 750. These blocks include the ceiling, floor, and wall tiles. The dimensions of the home can vary from six by six blocks to 13 by two blocks.
  • The inside of this area must contain a light source, a flat surface item like a desk, and a comfort item, which can widely vary, from a chair, a bench, a sofa, a bed, or a toilet.
  • The home must have at least one entrance indicated by a door.
  • The home must have background walls. If you create a home from the ground up, you need to create wooden blocks for the back of it to ensure you see no sky behind the home. Walls not placed by a player do not count.

After you meet all of these requirements, you will have created a suitable home for your character to return to, and for any of the NPCs in the game. To verify if a building meets all of the requirements for a home, hit the ESC button, and click on the house tab found on the right side of your screen. You should see all of the NPCs you have encountered in the game and have tiles for, along with a question mark above them.

Click on the question mark and then click on the interior of the home. The game will inform you on the left side of the screen, in yellow text, if the building meets the requirements of a home. A technique some players like to utilize is creating a lower home where they have all of their crafting equipment, such as their anvil, furnace, and workbench, with a hole in the bottom of it for their mining adventures. They then have a home above this section. When night falls, players can safely mine at night without the worry of nighttime enemies attacking them.