How to make a raft in Stranded Deep

Getting ready for the voyage.

Stranded Deep is a game in which players need to craft items, find food and build a shelter to survive in the vast Pacific Ocean. As players take the role of a plane crash survivor, they need to travel from island to island to look for resources to craft items. Exploration is a key element in the game, and to be able to explore the oceans properly, they need to ensure that they have a raft.

Considering how important exploration is in the game, rafts are one of the most crucial elements in the game. Building a raft is quite a lengthy process since you need to craft each part of the raft separately. If you are looking to build a raft in Stranded Deep, here is how to do it.

How to make a raft in Stranded Deep

In order to build a raft, you need to make three parts of the raft, that is, the base, the floor and other raft accessories. You can find the materials required for crafting each of the parts below.

Crafting the raft base

The craft base is the first part that you need to build in order to make a raft. The base will ensure that your raft floats properly in the waters. There are four different types of raft bases that can be crafted. The wood raft base is the easiest to craft since the materials can be found quite easily, while the barrel raft base is the most durable out of the lot. Barrel raft bases can be difficult to craft since barrels are only found near shipwrecks. Here are the materials required for each one of them.

  • Wood Raft base- 14x Stick, 1x Lashing
  • Buoy Raft base- 5x Buoy Ball, 1x Lashing
  • Tyre Raft base- 2x Tyre, 1x Lashing
  • Barrel Raft base- 3x Barrel, 1x Lashing

Crafting the raft floor

The next part of the raft is the floor, which is placed on top of the base. The raft floor also has four different types, with steel and brick floors being the most durable. However, they are quite difficult to craft. Steel is only found near shipwrecks, which is rare, and bricks can only be obtained via brick stations and a furnace, which take a lot of time to build. Here are the materials required for crafting each of the four raft floors.

  • Driftwood raft floor- 4x Stick
  • Plank Raft floor- 2x Plank
  • Corrugated Raft floor- 2x Corrugated Steel
  • Clay Raft floor- 2x Clay Brick

Crafting raft accessories

Once you have the skeleton of the raft ready, you need to craft accessories to make sure they can use the raft properly. Here are the accessories which can be crafted for the raft.

  • Boat motor- 1x Duct Tape, 1x Engine Part, 1x Fuel Part, 1x Filter Part, 1x Electrical Part
  • Sail- 1x Lashing, 1x Cloth, 2x Stick
  • Anchor- 1x Lashing, 1x Cloth, 2x Stick
  • Rudder- 6x Rock, 1x Stick, 4x Lashing

All of these accessories are required for you to be able to use the raft. You can choose one between the boat motor or the sail, depending on what you prefer. The boat motor will ensure that your raft moves significantly faster in the oceans. However, the parts required for a boat motor are quite hard to obtained since they can only be found in loot crates which are found in shipwrecks or underwater bases.

The rudder on the other hand is used to steer the raft. Your raft is pretty much useless without the rudder. The anchor is another important accessory that will help you dock your raft. Without an anchor, your raft might sail away in the wind when they are not on it.

Before you start your voyage, you should make sure that you stay well aware of your surroundings while sailing. This is because sea creatures can destroy the raft, no matter how durable it is. You can also construct larger rafts by combining more bases and floors together.

If you wish to carry resources in your raft, all you need to do is add a crater and you will be able to carry them while sailing. Once you have all the materials ready, press the right mouse button (L2/LT on the controller) to drag the raft to the water and start sailing in the vast Pacific Ocean!