How to make a Shield in Minecraft

Armor can only protect you so much.

Image via Mojang

While exploring and scavenging for resources in Minecraft, you should always have the tools needed to protect yourself. Of course, in the context of the game, your first thought will often go to a Sword, Bow, or armor to fight off any incoming hostile mobs. That being said, you can make yourself a different tool to block incoming attacks. Here is how to make yourself a Shield in Minecraft.

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How to craft a Shield in Minecraft

To make a Shield in Minecraft, you first need to gather six of any kind of (mixed or matching) Wooden Plank and one Iron Ingot. After you have these relatively easy items to get, you will need to go to a Crafting Table. The crafting recipe requires you to put the Iron Ingot in the top center slot, with the Wooden Planks placed everywhere else except for the bottom left and bottom right slots. Move the completed Shield to your inventory to finish the process.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you have crafted a Shield, the item will be in your right hand when you hold it, as with other items. To get the most use out of the Shield, we recommend opening your inventory and moving the item to your off-hand item slot. This will put it in your left hand and free up your other hand for other items that you actively need to use.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When your Shield is out, it will work to block incoming melee, projectiles, and explosions that come from the front. Any damage taken from behind will not be blocked. Additionally, there are various instances where it cannot block specific kinds of damage. Fall damage, Piercing Arrows, beam attacks, and axe-wielding mobs can cut through the Shield.

Like armor, your Shield will take durability hits as it blocks damage. You can repair it at a Crafting Table or Anvil, and it can be enchanted with Mending or Unbreaking to make it last longer. On Java Edition, you can decorate your Shield with a Banner at a Crafting Table.