How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft

Keep your items in one tiny box.

Image via Minecraft

In Minecraft, the Shulker Box is a portable crate that can store and transport items. The Shulker Box is comparable to regular Chests in that they both have storage space slots for 27 items. However, Shulker Boxes have one significant difference between Chests — when Shulker Boxes are destroyed, they retain every single item inside of it. Whereas, when Chests are destroyed, they drop all of the stored items inside of it. Here’s how to craft a Shulker Box in Minecraft.

Required Materials

  • 2 Shulker Shells
  • 1 Chest
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Open up the in-game Crafting table and insert the Shulker Shells and the Chest inside it, which will craft into a Shulker Box. The Shulker Box crafts purple in color; however, you can change its color if you craft the Shulker Box with any of the various Color Dye options inside of the Crafting table. Shulker Shells are obtained from defeating Shulker mobs, which are located in the End Cities region.