How to make a Void Bag in Terraria

Access the Void Vault whenever you need to use it.

Image via Re-Logic

Inventory space is a crucial resource in Terraria. You can carry a vast amount of items on your person, but on an adventure, it’s easy to have acquired too many items along your journey. A great way to ensure all of the dropped items have a home at your location is to create a Void Vault. However, to fully utilize that vault is to create a Void Bag. You can create this after defeating Skeletron.

Crafting a Void Bag follows the same process as creating a Void Vault. You need a Demon or Crimson alter to use as a crafting station. You can find it in the underground portion of the biomes, so you will have to dig for it. If you’re already working on the Void Bag, you probably have already created a Void Vault, meaning you are likely to know where to find them.

Once you have your alter to use as a crafting station, you will need these ingredients to create your bag, and like the Void Vault, it does vary on the alter you find. They both require you to have 30 Bone and 15 Jungle Spores. If you have a Demon alter, you need to have 30 Shadow Scale, and if you have Crimson alter, you need to use 30 Tissue Samples.

You will now have access to the Void bag. You can use it at any time to directly access your Void Vault. What makes the Void Vault different than the Money Trough, is that any item that a player cannot pick up because of a full inventory immediately goes to the Void Vault, ensuring players lose none of the items generated in the game.