How to make a Void Vault and what it does in Terraria

Create an inventory space you can always access.

Image via Re-Logic

Your inventory can quickly become full of everything you’ve found during your journey in Terraria. Sometimes you won’t be able to access any of your chests readily, or your items are hidden away in your home. Now, with Update 1.4, players have the chance to create a new inventory, even if their initial inventory on their character is full.

The Void Vault is a location you can place a variety of different items. It’s a peaceable item that works similar to a chest. However, players can readily access the Void Vault items if they have a Void Bag. Before worrying about the bag, though, players first need to create the Void Vault.

You will need to locate a Demon, or a Crimson alter. You can find them underground, and they both have a distinct glow around them. Locating these alter is the first step to ensure you can create one before obtaining the other ingredients. There are two main ingredients you need, and these include 15 Bone and then 8 Jungle Spores. The third ingredient varies on the alter you find. If you find a Demon alter, you will need 15 Shadow Scales. If you find a Crimson alter, you will need 15 Tissue Samples.

After you have all of the respective ingredients for the alter, you can approach it and treat it as if were any other crafting station. When you have the Void Vault crafted on your server, you can bring it back to your home to treat it like a new chest. When your character’s inventory reaches its full capacity, any item you pick up will go to the Void Vault. If you have a Void bag, you access the Void Vault from any location.