How to make and find a cartography table in Minecraft

Share the maps of your world with your friends.

When you want to share information about where you’ve been with your friends in Minecraft, the quickest way to do that with a cartography table. It allows you to create copies of your map and share them with other players. While the table does not consistently update the maps after they’ve been given to other players, it’s still a good way for you to share all of the location information you learn about your Minecraft world in a few seconds.

There are two ways you can find a cartography table. The best way to find one without having to make it is to locate a village with a cartographer. The cartographer villager will have a house, and they should have a cartography table inside it that you can use at any time. While it is a static location when you find it, the location may not be close to your base, making it a trek to locate it every time you update a map.

The second method to having a cartography table is to craft one. You need two primary ingredients to create it. These are all of the ingredients you need to make one at a crafting table.

  • 2 Paper
  • 4 Planks (any kind)

Once you have all of these ingredients, bring them to a crafting table to create the cartography table. You can set the finished table down anywhere inside your base, and every player will be able to use it. If you want to make it, you can pick it up by hitting it with any item and set it down at a new location.