How to make and use the Curse of Binding Enchantment in Minecraft

It’s a tight fit.

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The Curse of Binding can be a difficult enchantment that can prove to be extremely annoying in Minecraft. While this enchantment is on a piece of armor, when a player puts it on, they cannot remove the item because of the curse. The only way to remove the item is for a player to be in Creative mode, they die while wearing the item, or it breaks while they’re wearing it. A few armor items have no durability, which means the player is forced to die to remove the item.

How to get the Curse of Binding

There are two ways to get the Curse of Binding on a piece of item. The most common way for a piece of armor to have this enchantment is for you to find it in a treasure chest. You can randomly find it in any treasure chest that has a chance to have a piece of armor inside of it, and that armor has the chance to spawn into your game with an enchantment. Whenever looting an item from a treasure chest, you’re better off making sure it does not have the Curse of Binding on it when putting it on.

The alternative method to acquire the Curse of Binding to catch the enchantment book while fishing. This is an extremely rare way, but it is possible. Once you have the enchantment book, you can apply it to any piece of armor that accepts the enchantment. It does not work on items or weapons. Only armor.

How to use the Curse of Binding

When you have the Curse of Binding enchantment book, it works just like any other enchantment. You need to apply the enchantment to any piece of armor and then wear that piece of armor. After putting on the armor with the enchantment, you will be unable to remove it unless the armor breaks if it has durability, your character dies, or you’re in Creative mode.

Outside of preventing you from removing the piece of armor when you put it on, the Curse of Binding serves no purpose.