How to make Animal in Little Alchemy 2

All the methods to get Animal.

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Little Alchemy 2 is a fun and creative game with much to offer. In the game, you start with four basic elements — Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. Using these, you create many possibilities and make newer elements or items. Although you can easily create most of the basic items in the game, it gets complicated with advanced things. One such basic but complicated thing to make in Little Alchemy 2 is Animal. You can create many things with Animal, so it’s worth the shortcut to make it early on. Here is how to make Animal in Little Alchemy 2 and where to use it.

How to make Animal

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There are six different ways to make Animal in Little Alchemy 2, all of which are tricky. However, there is one method that you can use to create an Animal the fastest, and it could be considered the easier option. First, take two Earths and combine them to get Land. Then combine Land with Life, and you will get Animal. Here is a simple walkthrough to getting Animal in Little Alchemy 2.

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Life = Animal

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As mentioned, you can use other combinations to get Animal in Little Alchemy 2. All these combinations need you to have Life and then combine it with other things to get Animal. Here are the things that you can combine Life with to get Animal.

  • Life + Mountain = Animal
  • Life + Desert = Animal
  • Life + Mountain Range = Animal
  • Life + Beach = Animal
  • Life + Forest = Animal

How to use Animal

Animal is one of the basic things you need to make various things and animals in the game. For example, you can combine Animal with Night to make Cat. The things you can make with Animal includes Dog, Bird, Zoo, Fox, Turtle, and more.