How to make books and paper in Minecraft

These resources are an essential part of Minecraft.

Minecraft Bookshelf

Books are an essential part of advancing your Minecraft journey. While on their own, they don’t provide much value, when mixed with other items, they can enhance your gameplay tenfold. You can create a Bookshelf, Enchanting Table, and more when you combine Books with other resources. However, Books don’t just grow on trees. Instead, you need to find a base resource that will eventually help you create the book. That resource is Paper, which you also need to craft.

Paper can be a bit tricky to craft if you’re not sure what is required. The only resource you need is Sugar Cane, but unlike other materials, it can be somewhat challenging to find. If you’re struggling to locate Sugar Cane, look directly near bodies of water. Sugar Cane can only grow when placed directly next to the water. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see green plant stalks.

Image via Minecraft Wiki.

When you see the Sugar Cane, swing at it with your hand and collect the pieces. To make paper, you need three pieces of Sugar Cane. However, to make multiple Books, you’ll need more than three pieces of paper, so it’s best to stock up on as much cane as possible. When you have the Sugar Cane, use this recipe to make paper.

Screengrab via Minecraft.

Once you have three pieces of paper, find some leather, and use this recipe to make a Book. Leather can be acquired by killing a cow or horse.

Screengrab via Minecraft.

If you want to go a little further, you can make three Books and then grab six wood planks to craft a Bookshelf. All in all, a Bookshelf will require nine pieces of Paper, which is nine stalks of Sugar Cane, and three pieces of Leather.