How to make Enchanted Lightless Silk in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

You got your tailoring in my enchanting.

Image via Blizzard

Just like every expansion before it, Shadowlands adds a new collection of materials for crafters to the rest of World of Warcraft. One of these items, Enchanted Lightless Silk, sounds like it should come from a tailor. In fact, Blizzard decided to throw us a curveball, and you’ll need to be trained in Enchanting to make this material.

In the Hall of Shapes, you will find Imbuer Au’vresh, who teaches Shadowlands Enchanting. This is the first step you can take toward crafting Enchanted Lightless Silk, but there’s more work to be done. Enchanted Lightless Silk requires two components: Soul Dust, and two pieces of Lightless Silk.

Lightless Silk can be dropped by several enemies scattered throughout the Shadowlands expansion. Many of them are located in Revendreth, including Madame Viviana, Lady Lerae, and Lord Razvan. You also have a small chance of pickpocketing it from Possessed Spies, Drust Dreadweavers, Possessed Tenders, and Shimmerbough Ritualists in Ardenweals. Grinding away on these enemies should get you some of the Lightless Silk you need.

Soul Dust, on the other hand, can only be created through someone who knows the formula for Sacred Shard. The formula for Sacred Shard is only available to those who have earned Honored status with the Night Fae. Therefore, unless you want to pony up the cost at an auction house, or you know someone who has already achieved the necessary Renown with the Night Fae, you might want to consider them as your choice of Covenant.