How to complete the fried chicken recipe in Spiritfarer

Learn how to master this tricky recipe in Spiritfarer.

Spiritfarer is a game all about helping wayward spirits pass on to the Afterlife, and one of those ways is to cook them food. Yet it is surprisingly difficult to make a simple meal like fried chicken, something that Atul will ask you for very early in the game.

The issue is that he asks for fried chicken long before you will be able to make it. You will have to reach the point where you can pass the barrier on the southeast section of the world. Once you are able to do the quest, however, it is rather simple. Let’s break it all down: The two ingredients you will need are chicken (obviously) and fat.

How to get Chicken

Chicken is pretty easy to get. You just have to buy the meat from someone who is selling it. If you can find the island of Oxbury, you will be able to buy all your meat from there.

How to get Fat

Now comes the more complicated part as it’s not easy to figure out how to get fat. But we can describe it to you:

Build a Crusher

You will need to build a Crusher to create oils (also fats) out of sunflower seeds and olives. To build the Crusher, you will first need to get the blueprints for the building. You will be given the blueprints by Bruce and Mickey in Southpoint Docks. Complete their quest, and they will give you the blueprints.

Once you have the blueprints, you will need the right materials to build the building: 7 Pulsar Ingots, 15 Ash Plank, and Zinc Ingot. Both the ingots can be found by playing the game, and the Ash Plank can be made with Ash Log in the Sawmill.

Creating Fat

Now, it’s time to make fat with the Crusher. You can use two items for this: olives or sunflower seeds. Crushing either will get you an oil, which is also a fat that you can then use to make the fried chicken. Odds are that you will have encountered plenty more sunflower seeds than olives during your journey, so you will most likely be using those for it.

Cooking the Fried Chicken

With those two ingredients in your possession, you can make the fried chicken, finally. Simply cook it up and give it to Atul to satisfy his craving. And just like that, you’re done. When you know what to do, it’s not too bad of quest; it’s just a matter of knowing when you can do it and what ingredients you’ll need.