How to make Iron Ingots in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Strong as iron.

Image via Gamepur

An important early game item in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive town are Iron Ingots. As soon as you fix the bridge and expand your farm you will find you need these items, and they are also required for the second town bulletin request.

The game never tells you how to make Iron Ingots, you just need to putter along on your farm until you figure it out. Thankfully, we have already done that, so can save you some time. To make Iron Ingots, you will need an Iron Ingot maker and this will be rewarded to you when you break 100 stones, earning The Powerful title.

There is no shop in the town that will sell this item, so you will need to spend a day or two smashing up stones if you wish to rush it. Head for any mine, or just get busy breaking the stones that are around the farm.

Once you have the Ingot Maker, place it somewhere on your farm and then you can start placing Iron Ore in it. You can get Iron Ore by breaking the larger brown stones than can found on the farm and in the mines.

It takes five Iron Ore and two hours of time in-game to make a single Iron Ingot, so it can take a while to make all the Ingots that you need for different tasks and chores. We recommend always setting up the Ingot Maker when you are going to bed, as you will wake up everyday with a new Ingot already made.