How to make Master’s Touch Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise

Stay sharp, hunter.

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If your build in Monster Hunter Rise depends on preserving a thin sliver of sharpness at the end of your gauge, as well as a healthy dose of critical hits, you might consider adding a bit of the Master’s Touch skill to the mix. This skill grants a chance of your weapon losing no sharpness when dealing critical hits. This happens 20% of the time at skill level one, 40% of the time at level two, and 80% of the time at level three. Although there are a few ways to get Master’s Touch, one of the most flexible is by using the Master’s Touch Jewel, also called the Mastery Jewel.

All materials required and how to get them

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  • Lazurite Jewel: This is a tricky ingredient to find for this recipe because they’re difficult to target for farming. Basically, there’s a chance for Lazurite Jewels to drop as quest rewards for quests that become available once you reach HR 8. It also seems like there’s an increased drop rate for completing event quests. You need eight to craft a Master’s Touch Jewel.
  • Fire Dragon Scale+: These can be found by hunting Teostra, and are moderately rare. You do have a few chances to get a scale though since these drop from 21% of body carves, 17% of tail carves, and 26% of target rewards. They also appear in 25% of dropped materials. You need six of these.
  • Teostra Mane: These can also, unsurprisingly, be found by hunting Teostra. Your best bet here is to target the head of the monster since it adds an additional 25% drop for every broken part you can get. It also appears in 19% of target rewards and 18% of body carves. You need four for the Master’s Touch Jewel.
  • Goss Harag Bile: This is the rarest material you need for this recipe, and it comes from the Goss Harag. The optimal way to get these is to capture a Goss Harag, which gives you a 5% drop chance. While fighting the Goss Harag, you should try to focus your attacks on its back, as broken parts from this area will be bile 8% of the time. You could also luck out and get one in 3% of target rewards or 1% of dropped materials. Luckily, you only need one for this recipe.

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