How to make money in Ragnarok Origin

Make money quick.

Image via Gravity

Earning money in Ragnarok Origins can be a hassle, especially if you are new to the game. The two main currencies used in the game are Copper coins and Zeny. While there is no definitive way of earning Zeny, there are several methods to obtaining Copper coins. Below are some of the methods that players can use to make money in Ragnarok Origins.

Selling cooked food and crafted potions

Food and potions play a crucial role in your journey. They often boost stats or provide buffs that help you clear different quests. Additionally, they can also be sold in the marketplace for a decent amount of money. Rice Ball and Shrimp Sauce are two of the recipes that sell for a lot of money.

Locate Porings

Although this can only be done once for each region, finding hidden Porings will yield a huge chunk of money. The amount you get for each region is as follows:

  • Find 20 hidden Porings in Prontera region- 750k
  • Find 3 hidden Porings in Alberta region- 100k
  • Find 3 hidden Porings in Izlude region- 100k
  • Find 15 hidden Porings in Geffen region- 550k
  • Find 15 hidden Porings in Morroc region- 550k
  • Find 10 hidden Porings in Payon region- 350k

Farming and selling high demand ingredients

Much like high-rarity food or potions, you can also sell ingredients that are high in demand. You can simply check the materials that are in demand by opening the marketplace. One of the materials that are often in demand is High Horns which can be acquired by killing Methos.

Clearing Quests

Lastly, clearing every chapter of the story mode is by far the best method of earning money in Ragnarok Origin. Each chapter will give you around 1 Million coins upon completion, which surpasses any other amount mentioned before.