How to make money in The Survivalists

Get rich on a desert island.

Image via Team17 Digital

Money is useful, although not entirely necessary, in The Survivalists. Almost anything you can buy can also be crafted or found. If you want easy treasure maps or keys, however, you will need money. 

Doubloons are the currency in The Survivalists.. Trade doubloons for items at the Mysterious Shop. Items include common things like berries, coconuts, and materials. The shop may have special fruit or other materials that can still be found but may not be on the current island. The shop also carries tools in case you’re low on materials and are in dire need of some. On the rarer side, it has gems, keys, and treasure maps for purchase, but those are expensive and increase in cost as you buy them. Here are some ways to earn doubloons in The Survivalists.

Completing tutorials

The game walks you through how to play through tutorials. that pop up as you encounter different triggers. As you complete these tutorials naturally through gameplay, you will earn one hundred doubloons. All tutorials are found in the game journal. The journal will tell you how to complete the tutorial and what you will earn.

Defeating Enemies

A common tool to encourage combat is loot dropping. The Orclings in the Survivalists will drop a few coins upon defeat, among other items. They’re hostile with a wide aggression range, and they will also raid your base, so it won’t be difficult to find some to fight.

Selling items

If you’re short on money, you can sell items from your inventory hot bar to the Mysterious Shop. As you travel the islands, you will find crash sites and get special items to sell. These items don’t go for a lot of money, but every little amount helps. 

Treasure Maps

As you explore, you will find treasure maps that lead to treasure boxes. The hard part of finding treasure is getting to the right location; once you get there, the box is usually visible. You can break the box open there or you or a monkey can carry it back to your camp. Treasure boxes have tools, items, and a small amount of coins inside.