How to make money using the Flamingo app in The Good Life

Start making that money.

Image via Playism

There are multiple ways to earn money in The Good Life, including completing quests, but the Flaming app winds up becoming a stress-free source of passive income. The Flamingo app comes preinstalled on Naomi’s PC in the house gifted to her by Rainy Woods.

The camera can be pulled out by using the left trigger on your console of choice. The camera auto-targets the nearest photography subject, whether it’s an animal, person, sign, and so on. Every photography subject has a tag associated with it. Keeping track of these tags becomes important because of their use in the Flamingo app.

Knowing about tags

To make the most money, players have to photograph subjects tagged with the current hotwords. These hotwords reset at midnight every Monday and Thursday, meaning you have leeway to complete quests while waiting for the perfect photographic opportunities.

Luckily, you don’t need to remember the keywords. Holding the right shoulder button with the camera pulled out brings up a list of the current hotwords, so you know what exactly to look for. When a hotword-tagged subject is in view, the camera makes a unique ding sound with a camera and exclamation point icon in the top-right corner of the frame.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pressing the left shoulder button allows players to sift through their current photos. Selecting individual photos lets you see what tags are attached to each image.

Uploading photos

To upload photos, return to Naomi’s home and start up the Flamingo app on the PC. Once uploaded, players immediately begin accruing The Good Life’s currency. Flamingo is like a social media platform in that photos can get likes. These likes translate to money at a rate of £0.01 per like.

Naturally, photos tagged with hotwords will garner more attention, but that doesn’t mean you should only upload hotword photos. If there are still slots open in the app, there’s no harm in taking random old images to fill the selection out. These other pictures won’t make as much money, but they still generate likes as the game clock ticks. There is no harm in using filler photos; meanwhile, you find more suitable replacements. Passive income is passive income, after all.