How to make Moss Carpet in Minecraft

Make your rooms one with nature.

The Moss Blocks in Minecraft are pretty useful to have around. When you give it bone meal, it has a chance of becoming several different varieties of plant, notably Azalea and Flowering Azaela, with the flowering version being the rarest. It can also become Moss Carpet, a grassy carpet piece that you can place over any block.

There are two ways to obtain Moss Carpet. The quickest way is to place down a Moss Block and then feed it bone meal. The Moss Block has a chance to produce a Moss Carpet block, but it’s not reliable. You’ll have to give the Moss Block, and more of these blocks, bone meal to have it spawn enough Moss Carpet.

An alternative is approaching a crafting table with two Moss Blocks and turning that into three Moss Carpet blocks. Moss Blocks can be a little tough to find. You can typically locate them inside of Shipwreck chests, or you can receive two of these blocks by exchanging one emerald with a Wandering Trader. Once Lush Caves appear in Minecraft, Moss Blocks have a chance of naturally spawning in these locations, as does Moss Carpet blocks.

When you want to move a Moss Carpet tile, you must hit and then pick it up. You do not need a specific tool to harvest it after placing it down, so you don’t have to worry about placing it down at an incorrect location.