How to make Nick survive in The Quarry

The quiet, sensitive guy must be protected.

Image via Supermassive Games

Every counselor in The Quarry has a unique personality, and the quiet cook Nick is sure to be the favorite of more than a few players. Thus, they will want to keep him alive the whole night. Here’s how to do that. Spoiler warning for some key story beats.

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How to make Nick survive

You only play as Nick once in the game, when he and Abi are gathering wood for the fire later. While you can make a few decisions and find some important Hackett History clues during this time, your actions ultimately have nothing to do with Nick’s fate. Keeping him alive is totally dependent on other people. Most of his story is out of your control. For example, he will be attacked and bit by the werewolf in Chapter 3 no matter what. His infection and ultimate transformation is tied to some other characters’ fates, but it’s ironically what keeps him alive.

Specifically, the next important moment comes in Chapter 6. After he fully turns, he’ll attack Abi in the pool house. Choose to shoot him as he closes in; otherwise, he’ll end up killing Abi via decapitation. Shoot him — he’s unkillable without silver ammo. He’ll then leap through the window to escape.

The next time to pay special attention to Nick is in Chapter 8. While in the cellar of the Hackett house, Laura and Ryan will find a set of cages, one of which contains Nick in his werewolf form. Laura will raise her gun instinctively to shoot him, so be sure to stop her.

Finally, there’s one last step to saving Nick. At this point, he’ll make it through alive but infected. To fix that, Ryan will need to shoot Chris Hackett during the werewolf scuffle at the end of Chapter 9. Chris is the one nearest you when the shooting starts. This will lift Nick’s curse.