How to make note blocks in Minecraft

Add some music to your world with a note block.

Note blocks are blocks that play musical notes whenever they are hit by players or activated using Redstone. These blocks can be heard from up to 48 blocks away and feature a wide array of musical notes that players can choose from.

Constructing a note block

Note blocks are incredibly easy for any player to make. First, players will have to use a crafting table in order to get started. All you will need is eight wooden planks and one Redstone dust. Note blocks can be created using any type of wooden planks, the block will look the same regardless of what type of wood you use.

Once you create the note block you can place it wherever you want. For the note block to actually make sound, players must leave one block empty above the note block itself. If you want to change the sound the note block makes, press the ‘use’ button to adjust the pitch. There are up to 24 pitches to choose from.