How to make a Note Block in Minecraft

How musically gifted are you?

Screenshot by Gamepur

While Minecraft has some very calming music playing in the background at all times, you might get tired of hearing these sounds continually. If you are someone who has knowledge about how to make good music, there is an item that allows you to play a single note when it is interacted with. These items are also useful in keeping Allays in an area. Here is how to make make a Note Block in Minecraft and start playing some sweet music.

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How to craft a Note Block in Minecraft

Note Blocks are a rather simple and straightforward item to create in Minecraft. All you need are eight wooden Planks of any kind and a single Redstone Dust. It doesn’t matter what kind of Planks you have. When at a Crafting Table, place the Redstone in the middle slot, with the Planks surrounding it. Move the completed Note Block to your inventory when done.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that you have a Note Block, you can place it on any block and attack it to make it play a note as long as there is air above it. If you put a Mob Head on top, it will instead play sounds that that mob makes. You can change the pitch by interacting with it and Redstone connections will cause it to play as well. Depending on what the block is sitting on, a different kind of instrument will be played. Here are all of the possible instruments:

  • Banjo
  • Bass
  • Bass Drum
  • Bells
  • Bit
  • Chimes
  • Clicks and Sticks
  • Cow Bell
  • Creeper
  • Didgeridoo
  • Ender Dragon
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Harp
  • Iron Xylophone
  • Piano
  • Piglin
  • Pling
  • Skeleton
  • Snare Drum
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Xylophone
  • Zombie

If there are Allays within 16 blocks of the Note Block when it plays a sound, all of them will travel to the Note Block and drop whatever items they have gathered there. They will then momentarily look for items surrounding the Note Block.