How to make parrots dance in Minecraft

Dance the night away.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Parrots are tameable jungle mobs that are hard to come by in Minecraft. These parrots are capable of several actions, including intimating the sound of nearby mobs, perching on its player’s shoulder, and dancing. That said, many players are unaware of making Parrots dance in Minecraft.

How to make parrots dance

To make a Parrot dance, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Spawn a single Parrot or multiple on a surface
  • Place a Jukebox within three blocks of the Parrot.
  • Insert any Musical Disc in the Jukebox and start playing the respective song. Once the music starts playing, the Parrot will automatically begin to dance. A parrot can also dance while on a shoulder of a player.

Remember that you need to spawn a parrot before playing the Jukebox. Furthermore, the parrot needs to be within the three-block radius of the Jukebox. Any further than a three-block radius, and the parrot won’t dance. If the parrot dances and then flies beyond the three-block radius, it will stop dancing.

Apart from dancing, Parrots can replicate the idle sounds of hostile and neutral mobs in the vicinity. They will imitate sound within a 20-block radius and stare in the direction of the mob they are imitating.