Can you breed parrots in Minecraft? Answered

Can you create more Parrots in Minecraft?

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The many animals you encounter in Minecraft appear throughout your world, and taming them can be a bit of a challenge. When you manage to add them to your base and give them a proper home, you may want to try breeding them if you want to add more to your world or find one with a particular coat. Parrots are one of the many tamable animals you can have in Minecraft, but can you breed parrots to make more?

Unfortunately, while Parrots are a tameable animal that you can find and have land on your character’s shoulder as a companion, they cannot be bred. There are no baby Parrots in the game, making it impossible to breed them. It is possible that a baby Parrot could be added to Minecraft, making it so then the Parrots can breed together when you feed them their favorite food. But, for the time being, it is not possible.

If you’re looking for Parrots, you want to visit the Jungle biome of your Minecraft world. These creatures usually appear in small groups of two or by themselves. You can find them on the leaves of trees, on grass blocks, or they might be hanging out on a log. You can tame a Parrot by feeding them a beetroot seed, a melon seed, a pumpkin seed, or a wheat seed.