How to make sausage in Valheim

Another meal to add to your recipe collection.

You’ll find basic food by hunting the deer, boar, or catching fish in Valheim, but there are advanced meal recipes you can learn. These advanced recipes require a bit more resources to finish, and the result is worth the effort. An advanced recipe you’ll want to know about is sausage. It’ll be a recipe you learn when you encounter the Draugr in the Swamp. These creatures are undead warriors, and they’ll drop their entrails when you take them out.

These are all of the ingredients to make sausage. You’ll need to make sure you build a cauldron over a fire, which works similarly to a cooking stand.

  • 2 Entrails
  • 1 Raw Meat
  • 4 Thistle

The entrails and raw meat is probably the easiest to find. The entrails can only be found on the Draugr, and they’ve infested all of the Swamp biomes. You can find them skulking about this region, and you can freely farm them by running through these areas or by investigating the Swamp Crypts. You can pick up raw meat from the deer and boars roaming around the Meadows and Black Forest regions.

The most difficult ingredient of the three is the thistle. You can primarily find it growing in the Black Forest and Swamp. It’s a thin plant with glowing blue bulbs. You can see it pretty quickly at night, so you might want to investigate these locations when it’s dark out, but that’s when the creatures and enemies appear the most.

Here are all of the stats for carrying and using sausages in Valheim.

  • Weight: 0.5
  • Health: 60
  • Stamina: 40
  • Duration: 1,600 seconds
  • Healing: 3 hp / tick

Sausage is a pretty good meal to have in your inventory. There are slightly better stews in Valheim, but if you’re making your way to battle against Bonemass.