How to make signs glow in the dark in Minecraft

I don’t even care what it says. It looks good.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the addition of the Glow Squid into Minecraft, there are quite a few interesting uses for the Glow Inc Sac that come from it when you defeat the mob. One of those uses might be a feature that you would not usually think of, but you will love its aesthetic for decoration purposes once you see it. Here is how to craft glowing signs in Minecraft.

Making a glowing sign is easy once you have all of the pieces needed. However, it might take you a little bit of time to gather the proper items:

  1. Craft a typical sign from any kind of wood.
  2. Find a colored dye that you want the sign to shine in.
  3. Find a Glow Squid and kill it to get a Glow Inc Sac.

When you have all three pieces, you are ready to glow. Place the sign and put in whatever message you want it to read. When done, back out and pull out the dye you have chosen. Use the interact button, and you will make the outline of your message colored. To finish it off, interact with the sign with your Glow Inc Sac, and it will now glow in the dark.

From this point onwards, that sign will continue to glow until you break it down or use black dye on it to take its shine away. Any color dye except black can be used to glow, and once you have it glowing, you can swap out the color by using another shade on the sign itself at any time.