How to make Silicone Rubber in Subnautica: Below Zero

Essential building material.

Silicone Rubber is an important material that players will need from the very beginning of Subnautica. It can be made in the Fabricator, as long as you have the correct resource.

To make Silicone Rubber, players will need some Creepvine Seed Cluster. These can be most easily found in the Kelp Forest, which is near the pod that the player will start the game in.

Creepvine Seed Cluster is very easy to spot as it is bioluminescent, glowing brightly under the water. it can found growing on large Creepvines in the Kelp Forest. To get to the Kelp Forest, players can exit the pod, and head directly to the left, swimming forward about 200 meters.

They will need to head to the surface to refill their oxygen, then dive down below a deep glacier to get to the Kelp Forest. The Creepvine Seed Clusters can be harvested without the use of tools just by interacting with them.

After harvesting the Creepvine Seed Cluster, which takes up four inventory slots each, players can return to the Pod and use the Fabricator to make Silicone Rubber. Players will need to be on their guard in the Kelp Forest, as it is populated by an aggressive fish called the Stalker.

Later in the game, players can plant Creepvine Seed Clusters in growbeds, growing new Creepvines which will allow them an easier way to harvest the resource.