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How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft 1.19

Smooth like stone.

Smooth Stone is a decorative item that some people may prefer to build their houses or structures out of instead of the usual Cobblestone. As the name implies, this is a stone block with a smoother look to it than regular stone. If you want whatever you are building to stand out from the countless underground mines you travel through, this is what you have to do.

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How to get Smooth Stone in Minecraft

To get Smooth Stone, you will first need to collect a bunch of Cobblestone, a Furnace, and some fuel for that Furnace. Cobblestone can be obtained by mining Stone blocks underground with any pickaxe. A Furnace is made by collecting eight blocks of cobblestone and crafting the item at a Crafting Table. The crafting recipe calls for you to put Cobblestone on every block except the center block.

When the Furnace is crafted and placed, you can put your remaining Cobblestone in the top slot of the furnace. The max it can hold at a time is 64. Now you need fuel to smelt it. Fortunately, you have quite a few options to choose from. Any wood item can be used as fuel on its own, or wooden blocks can be made into Charcoal that burns more efficiently. Coal can be found at any level underground and occasionally can be seen from the surface. Blaze Rods and Lava Buckets can also be used as fuel in a Furnace.

Now that you have your fuel source, place it in the bottom slot of the furnace. If both slots are filled and compatible to be smelted, it will automatically start working. The arrow in the middle will fill up until the block is converted. With Cobblestone in your ingredient slot, you will begin receiving regular Stone blocks.

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Now that you have your regular Stone, either wait for your Furnace to finish smelting or make an additional one. Make sure you have your fuel in the bottom slot and put the regular Stone in the top slot. Now the stone will be changed into Smooth Stone, and you have a different block to build with.

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