How to make and use a Stonecutter in Minecraft

Get to work with the Stonecutter.

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In Minecraft, a Stonecutter is used as an alternative to a Crafting Table. It is used to formulate various stone materials into useful building blocks, such as slabs or stairs. The required materials to craft a Stonecutter include: 1 Iron Ingot and 3 Stones — here’s how to craft and use one.

First, place the Iron Ingot and Stones into the 3×3 crafting grid located in the player inventory. When laying the materials into the grid, the Iron Ingot is placed in the middle row, middlebox, and the Stones are placed in the bottom row; This is the exact crafting recipe required. Once crafted, move the Stonecutter to your inventory.

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Now that you have the Stonecutter crafted, click on it, prompting a GUI screen. Then, place any type of Solid Stone Block into the light grey slot, showing you all of the possible types of things that the Stonecutter will cut it into.

The Stonecutter works with most types of Stone in Minecraft, including Cobblestone, Sandstone, and substances such as Andesite or Diorite. For instance, if you place a Plain Stone in the grey space slot, you can create Stone Stairs, Stone Slabs, or other various building blocks. Additionally, the Stonecutters material conversation ratio is one to one, as opposed to the traditional manual method of crafting conversion of six to four, saving you raw materials in the long run.