How to make soul campfires in Minecraft’s Nether Update

Keep close to the flames.


Keep yourself warm and sheltered using a soup campfire in Minecraft‘s Nether Update. You want to use this campfire while exploring the nether to give you light, ward away Piglins from your position, and create soul soil. 

You will need seven different crafting pieces to create a soul campfire: three sticks of any variety, three logs of the same variety, and soul sand. You can find soul sand only by visiting the nether, and because you’re there to create the campfire, it’s likely all around you. Make sure to bring a shovel to harvest it. When you have all of the supplies, load up your crafting station and have it made to go down anywhere you want to hunker down in the nether.

A soul campfire does not generate as much light as a traditional campfire. Typically, you would receive 15 spaces of light with a campfire, but the soul campfire produces only 10 blocks and comes with a distinctly eerie blue glow to the center of it. You can throw your soul sand into soul campfire to create soul soil, which you can only find in the soul sand valley biome. The soul soil, or soul sand, can be used to create a wither, much like creating a golem in the game.