How to make TNT in Minecraft

Here comes the boom.

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There are nearly an unlimited number of sources for building in Minecraft. As more content is continually added to the game, the list of things you can use to create something continues to expand. That being said, one particular item has always been used as a means of destruction. Here is how you can make some TNT in Minecraft.

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How to craft TNT in Minecraft

To make TNT, you are going to need five Gunpowder and four of either regular Sand or Red Sand blocks. Gunpowder can be obtained by killing Creepers before they explode. To get more, you can kill them with the Looting enchantment on whatever item you land the final hit on them with. Sand can be easily found in Beach and Desert biomes, with the Red Sand variant residing in Mesa biomes.

When you have your items, the crafting recipe for TNT can be made by placing the Sand in the top middle, left middle, right middle, and bottom middle slots. Gunpowder can be put on every other empty slot available. Move the TNT to your inventory to complete the process.

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How to blow up TNT in Minecraft

When you place TNT, you need a way for it to activate and explode. TNT can be activated by lighting it on fire with Flint and Steel, a Flame Arrow, Lava, or a Fire Charge. Additionally, you can also set it off by using a Redstone charge. Connect it to a Lever, Pressure Plate, or Button, and make sure you are close enough to the TNT that the resulting activation reaches it. Having TNT close enough to other exploding TNT will also set off a chain reaction explosion.

Players and mobs that are in the water near an exploding TNT will not feel the effects of the explosion. Items that are broken down can be destroyed if they are close to the center of the explosion, so be careful about where you are placing your TNT.