Best easy things to build in Minecraft

For those starting out and looking for simple ideas to add to their world.

Image via Mojang

The best aspect of Minecraft is the freedom it provides to players. Ever-expanding worlds, limitless customization, and unending resources mean you have the ability to do and make anything you want. Whether you play in Survival or Creative Mode, you will be able to pull off whatever comes from your imagination. With that freedom, you are sure to look up some ideas for things to build in your Minecraft world. Here is a compilation of easy build ideas you can do in your game.

Easy things you should build in Minecraft


Screenshot by DoubleXP

Fountains are an easy and fast decoration structure you can implement in any settlement area you have made or taken over. Designs for fountains can be as simple as the screenshot we have above or something a little more complicated. Regardless, water (or lava if you want to get dangerous) fountains are accessible, good-looking structures to make an area look much better than before.

Hot tub

Screenshot by DoubleXP

We recommend only making a hot tub if you are playing in Creative Mode because this design will harm you in Survival. To make one, you need to place Magma Blocks in the ground and surround that area with stairs to get out. Now put water above the Magma Blocks, and it will begin boiling. However, the downside to this is that walking over those blocks will damage you if you are in Survival Mode, and the water blocks will pull you down, making the stairs mandatory to get out.

Iron Golem

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Iron Golems are a bit of a wild card entry given that they are living creatures you build into the world. To make this, you need four blocks of iron and one Carved Pumpkin. Place two Iron Blocks on top of each other, then one on either side. To finish it off, place the pumpkin on top, and the Iron Golem will take shape. Iron Golems are good defensive entities to have around your home. They wander around and will attack nasty mobs that threaten the area. They have a lot of health and pack quite the punch.

Long hall trap

Screenshot by DoubleXP

This trap is excellent to use on sneaky players that like to steal from your Chests. Its design is a simple line of TNT underneath a long hall with a door at the end. Put a Chest behind the Door and a Pressure Plate that blends in with the ground in front of the Chest. When the player opens the Door and steps on the Pressure Plate, they will be blown up. These and other fun traps are simple to make but hidden well enough in plain sight that unknowing players would not suspect a thing.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

A marketplace can be created in Minecraft by gathering a bunch of Villagers and keeping them in an area where you can routinely trade with them. Villagers can have specific jobs that will allow them to offer various products to you so you can routinely check-in and stock up. Just make sure to give them a bed so they can refill their inventory each night.

Pixel art

Image via Know Your Meme

Pixel art has routinely been one of the more popular builds to make in Minecraft from the beginning in large part thanks to the blocky nature of the world. This kind of art is better made in Creative Mode since you will routinely have to deal with heights and the needed inventory of various colored blocks. Regardless, you can continually pull up the image of some of your favorite eight or 16-bit characters and create them in your world.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

Making statues look good in Minecraft can be a little challenging to pull off at times, especially if you are trying to create a sculpture that looks accurate to something or someone. That being said, if you are okay with making simple statues that loosely can be identified, you will have a good time creating them. In our world, we continually build a figure of a man made of Netherrack and light it on fire for a ritual area. You can get creative and pull off some interesting structures that can garner some laughs from visitors.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

Treehouses are one of the more interesting design choices for creating a home in Minecraft. There are various ways you can about making one too. On the one hand, chopping down wooden blocks and shearing leave blocks will allow you to design your tree. Otherwise, you can grow trees on top of each other by placing saplings and waiting for them to grow or giving them Bone Meal to grow instantly. When it is as high as you want it, be sure to create a deck area to walk around and an inside enclosed by leaves and wood where you can place the furniture. For even more of a nature vibe, place some Vines around the outside that will eventually grow until they reach the ground.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

A watchtower can be made to not only give yourself a height advantage to attack evil mobs invading the area, but it can also give you an entirely new perspective on the surrounding area. Towers can be made by simply stacking blocks and creating a staircase either within or on the outside walls. At the top, be sure to give yourself a standing deck that allows you to look out at the surrounding area. For quick traversal up and down the tower, you can also create a convenient elevator.

Water elevator

Screenshot by Gamepur

A water elevator is the simplest and one of the quickest ways to travel up and down. To make one, create a one-block-wide tunnel going up with some Signposts blocking the entrance. Now that all possible locations for the water to get out are secured, place water in every spot inside the elevator. All block areas within need to be filled with water source blocks for the process to work. Finally, at the bottom of the elevator, place a piece of Soul Sand to travel up or a Magma Block to be pulled down quickly. If everything is done correctly, you will see bubbles traveling through the water in the direction you will go.