Stardew Valley – How To Make Wine

Stardew Valley let’s you turn into a proper wine maker, and it can be a great way to make money. Here is how to get fermenting.

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Stardew Valley, a popular farming simulation game, offers players the opportunity to engage in various activities, one of which is winemaking. By carefully cultivating and fermenting fruits, you can produce high-quality wines that can be sold for decent money. Regardless, the process of winemaking in Stardew Valley is fairly simple, and if you are interested in doing so, refer to the guide below.

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Stardew Valley Wine Crafting

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To make wine, you’ll need a Keg. You can craft a Keg using the crafting menu using 30x Wood, 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar, and 1x Oak Resin. However, the recipe is only unlocked after reaching level 8 on farming skills. Alternatively, you can obtain 1 Keg by completing the Artisan Bundle or the Brewer’s Bundle in the Pantry.

Once you have a Keg, simply interact with it and put fruit inside it for fermentation. After placing the fruit, wait for seven days. This period is the same no matter which fruit you select. After seven days, you’ll have wine, which you can bottle and sell in the market.

It goes without saying the higher quality fruit you use, the better wine you get. The type of fruit you choose will also dictate the price of wine it yields. Needless to say, plant fruit trees or crops that yield fruits with maximum profit margin. If you are wondering about the selling price of each wine, we have listed all the fruits below, along with their wine price range.

  • Ancient Fruit Wine – 1,650g to 4,620g
  • Apple Wine – 300g to 840g
  • Apricot Wine – 150g to 420g
  • Banana Wine – 450g to 1,260g
  • Blackberry Wine – 60g to 168g
  • Blueberry Wine – 150g to 420g
  • Cactus Fruit Wine – 225g to 630g
  • Cherry Wine – 240g to 672g
  • Coconut Wine – 300g to 840g
  • Cranberry Wine – 225g to 630g
  • Crystal Fruit Wine – 450g to 1,260g
  • Grape Wine – 240g to 672g
  • Hot Pepper Wine – 120g to 336g
  • Mango Wine – 390g to 1,092g
  • Melon Wine – 750g to 2,100g
  • Orange Wine – 300g to 840g
  • Peach Wine – 420g to 1,176g
  • Pineapple Wine – 900g to 2,520g
  • Pomegranate Wine – 420g to 1,176g
  • Rhubarb Wine – 660g to 1,848g
  • Salmonberry Wine – 15g to 42g
  • Spice Berry Wine – 240g to 672g
  • Starfruit Wine – 2,250g to 6,300g
  • Strawberry Wine – 360g to 1,008g
  • Wild Plum Wine – 240g to 672g

Winemaking can be a great way of earning additional money in Stardew Valley. It can also be consumed to gain a tipsy buff, which boosts health and energy by a small amount, making it a decent consumable for clutch situations.