How to make your Roblox avatar face forward

Look into other players’ souls with this method.

Recently, Roblox users have been logging into their game to see avatars on their friends list hauntingly stare into their souls. Normally an avatar would look off to the right, giving a bit of a side view of their character. However, players are now able to make their avatar look directly into the camera. Whether this is a bug or simply a new hidden feature, here is how to change the direction your avatar looks.

Changing your avatar’s direction

There have been multiple ways that players have reported to change their avatar’s direction. All of them are linked directly to adjusting your avatar’s clothing and gear. 

Adjusting clothes

  • Go to your avatar on the main screen
  • Click the Pants option
  • Quickly de-select and select the pants you are wearing
  • Your avatar should now be facing forward

Equiping Gear

  • In the avatar page, click on Gear
  • Equip a new piece of gear
  • Return to the home page
  • Your avatar should be facing forward

These methods are a bit finicky, so you may have to try them multiple times to make it work. Currently, there is no confirmed fix to change it back, so think carefully if you really want to have this creepy avatar.