How to Matchmake in GTFO


GTFO is a hardcore cooperative shooter made for four players to work together and conquer an objective given to them by the mysterious Warden. You need to communicate with your teammates if you want to survive because if you don’t, someone could set off a trap or alert the horde of monsters to your location.

Right now, GTFO is in early access. The only way to play the game is to receive an invitation from someone who owns the game, or you have them on your friendslist. Unfortunately, this is pretty restrictive to you if you don’t have friends already jumping on the game when it releases.

The alternative is to join the GTFO Discord channel, the developers, 10 Chambers Collective, created for their community. Join the Discord channel and make sure to have your Lobby ID with anyone hanging out there. There are over 200 voice channels available all players can use who join the channel. If you’re looking for a game, hop into one of the voice channels to make communication significantly easier. You will want to jump into the game’s Discord channel because there is no in-game chat right now.

There’s a large looking for group (LFG) channel, and the LFG channels span all regions. There’s one for North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Oceania areas.

The GTFO Discord channel is your one-stop shop to handle all of your GTFO planning and prepare with your teammates.