How to move faster by rolling in Sackboy: A Big Adventure

You’ve got to roll with it.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Image via Playstation Studios

If you’ve ever played a Little Big Planet game from the Playstation 3 era, you will have a good idea of the movement speed in Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The switch to 3D has helped our little stitched adventurer to get around the levels a litle faster than before, but he still isn’t as swift as he could be.

Thankfully, there is a way for you to zip around maps quicker than simply walking forward as normal. It’s also attached to a mechanic that should help to make combat encounters easier to navigate through. This is the rolling dodge. By pressing a circle on your controller, you will see Sackboy haul himself forward, diving to avoid incoming attacks.

However, what you can do is continue pressing the circle button after the diving animation, and you should see Sackboy continue to use the forward momentum to keep rolling, giving him a small but noticeable speed boost when bursting forward. The extra speed when rolling equates to about a 30% increase in speed, so if you want to zoom your way across a level, the roll can help.

You will be limited in your turning circle while rolling, and the dive animation will take place even if you are in mid air, so you can go straight into a roll but make sure you land on solid ground as diving off the side of a level will cause you to lose a life.