How to move faster during Super Scientists’ turn in Research and Destroy

Gotta go fast.

The three main characters run together

Image via Spike Chunsoft

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Time is of the essence in Research and Destroy. Similar to other strategy games like Valkyria Chronicles, there’s a limit to how many actions you can perform in one turn, which here, is represented through an on-screen timer that depletes every time an action is performed. Moving is among the actions that will actively affect said timer, and sometimes, you might find yourself in an unfavorable position with not a lot of time left to move. However, by putting away your weapon, you’ll be able to move faster, thus making the most of your time.

To put away your weapon, press in on the left analog stick. Your character will then holster their weapon, and their movement speed will be noticeably higher. It should be noted that only Larry and Marie are able to holster their weapons. Gary’s weapon is attached to his arm and cannot be removed, meaning that you won’t be able to get Gary to go any faster. Because of this, we recommend you exercise extra caution when it comes to moving Gary.

Larry stands without a gun
Screenshot by DoubleXP

When your weapon is holstered, you’ll be able to move faster at the expense of not being able to shoot. Luckily, if you need to fire at something, you can easily re-equip your gun by clicking in on the left stick again. Be advised that both holstering and redrawing your weapons each consume a decent bit of time from Larry and Marie’s timers. By our counts, it takes 1.05 seconds to holster your weapon, and 0.9 seconds to pull it back out. When making your move, remember to factor in the time it takes to holster/draw your weapons if you’re looking to take advantage of Larry and Marie’s quicker movement speeds.