How to move through fences and get into secret areas in Scarlet Nexus

Dashing hopes.

While exploring the various areas in Scarlet Nexus, players will notice that there are areas blocked off by fences that are strangely enticing. You can actually get to these locations, if you have the right person in your party.

At the heart of the gameplay in Scarlet Nexus is the idea of borrowing skills from people in your party through the SAS system. As long as Luka Travers is in your party, you can borrow his Teleport ability, which will fundamentally change how your dash works.

While the Teleport steal is active, your dash becomes a teleport instead, and you will be able to phase through objects around you, including fences. All you need to do is hold R1, then hit the button that Luka Travers’ teleport is mapped to, then hit Circle on PlayStation controllers or Square on Xbox controllers to dash.

This will allow you to get through the white fences that block off certain areas of the game, but you will only be able to do it when Luka is in your party. As such, you may want to go on specific quests with the aim of exploring certain areas fully while he is with you.