How to not raise the alarm and steal Mikhail Akulov’s datashard in Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Nice and quiet.

Some big Arasaka executives were a bit too loose-lipped about a deal they had with several clients, and in Cyberpunk 2077, when you talk about private deals, another party wants a cut. You’ll have to sneak into the apartment to grab the datashard about that deal and steal it for another client.

Where to find the Hotel Raito

You need to head to the Hotel Raito, which you can find in Watson, inside Kabuki. It’ll be right on the edge of Little China, and there should be a fast travel terminal you can use to reach it pretty fast.

How to sneak to the Hotel Raito’s elevator

The primary hope for this gig is that you don’t raise the alarm when attempting to sneak into the location. Hence, you want to avoid a confrontation with any of the guards in the hotel, and sneaking into it can be tricky, but because it’s a public place, you can directly speak to the receptionist. Talk to them, and you’ll have a few options.

  • Need a room – Pay 4,500 eddies for a room
  • [Street Kid] – Delivery for Mikhail Akulov
  • [9 Points in Technical Ability] – [Distract] Shows something interesting …
  • Don’t look too busy here

The last option, don’t look too busy here, is mostly a conversational point, so you can ignore that one. Because our character was a Street Kid, they had the opportunity to make a delivery to Mikhail’s room. If you do that, you can tell the receptionist that you’re there to deliver some special reserve or sleep with him. The special reserve means the receptionist calls it up, but you can stop them, and then you need to pay 1,100 eddies or distract him using your technical ability. If you say you’re there to sleep with Mikhail, the same situation and outcome happen.

If you say you want a room for the night, you’ll have to pay 4,500 eddies to stay the night. It’s pretty expensive, and you need to find Mikhail’s penthouse suite.

For those with enough ability in technical, you can go straight to the elevator while the receptionist is looking away. But you need the authorization to access the elevator, and you can gain it by going down the hallway to the elevator and turning to the right. There’s a door there that you can access with at least seven points of technical ability, and there will be an access code on the table in the back.

Using the distract ability is the cheapest option, but you need to find the access code after this choice. The Street Kid option is the second cheapest, and renting a room is the highest.

For our playthrough, we chose to use our technical ability to distract the receptionist, and make it to the elevator.

How to find Mikhail’s Penthouse suite

Once inside the elevator, your gig updates, and you receive Mikhail’s penthouse location. There’s a quest marker that sends you right in that direction, and if you follow it, the path shows you how to access the penthouse from the side. We recommend saving before accessing the penthouse.

There are multiple cameras here, so when you jump over the top, prepare to disable a camera. We breached the first camera for our playthrough, accessed it, and then caused all of the cameras to be disabled.

There are several guards inside the penthouse, so you can’t rush in looking for the datashard. There are two inside the main area, and if you wait long enough, they do pull away from the area, giving you access to the main room.

One of the guards leaves to make a call on the balcony, and the second remains inside, in the kitchen. We were able to sneak in, distract the guard using the light in the far left corner. When they investigate it, enter the penthouse, and then go for the backpack on the table in the living room center. That contains the datashard. Once you have it, retreat the way you came, and then head back to the elevator.

The gig is complete once you leave the hotel. Call Regina to inform them about the datahsard. You now need to meet with the client to give them the datashard.

A new waypoint pops up, giving you the exact location to meet up with the client. Head to the waypoint, give them the datashard, and then Regina will contact you, thanking you for your professionalism. You’ll receive a bonus if you were able to remain undetected.