How to not take freezing damage in Powder Snow in Minecraft

Bundle up.

Image via Microsoft

The Powder Snow blocks that you can find in the mountains of your Minecraft world can be both fun and deadly. When you bring a bucket up there, you can scoop it up to bring the snow to other locations. You can also leave a cauldron up in the high mountains when it snows, filling it up. However, when you stand on the Powder Snow blocks, you fall into them. If you remain inside these blocks too long, you’re going to take some pretty hefty damage, and your movement speed is reduced.

There are few ways to ensure you don’t take any damage. The first is to have a pair of leather boots on. With the leather boots, you can jump up on the Powder Snow blocks and move over the top of them as if they were any other block. Mostly, if you have leather boots on your character, you won’t be taking any damage even if you move through the Powder Snow.

The key to taking no freezing damage at all is to have one piece of leather armor on your character. You can have a chest plate, helmet, leggings, or boots to prevent all of it. It’s recommended to go with the leather boots because you gain the added advantage of walking over the Powder Snow, whereas the chest plate, helmet, and leggings do not provide this.

Whenever you decide to head up into the mountains, make sure to bundle up and stray away from the Powder Snow. It can be hard to avoid it when you have goats capable of knocking into you, or you wander too far up a mountain, and it starts to snow, potentially piling up around you.