How to obtain and use Fibrous Leaves in Stranded Deep

Where to find and how to implement this vital renewable resource.

Yucca Tree

In Stranded Deep, one off the very first resources you will need is Fibrous Leaves. They are helpful because with four Fibrous Leaves, you can create Lashing, which is an ingredient in many of the crafting recipes you have available to you. This includes the Refined Knife you will need to craft in the tutorial.

Obtaining Fibrous Leaves

There are two main ways to obtain Fibrous Leaves. For this, you will need at least a basic Stone Tool (though any better tool will also work), which is created by picking up a rock and selecting Stone Tool from the crafting menu. Once you acquire a tool, you want to find a Yucca Tree or a Palm Sapling. When you cut it down, multiple Fibrous Leaves will be scattered around the ground.

Fibrous Leaves
Image via Beam Team Games

Press your pick-up key to gather each individual clump of Fibrous Leaves. Remember you will need at least four of them in order to make Lashing, but do not worry about squandering your resources.

Unlike fully-grown Palm Trees, sticks and rocks, Fibrous Leaves are a renewable resource because Palm Saplings and Yucca Trees grow back over the course of two in-game days. You will be able to get more Fibrous Leaves, even if you chop all of the Yucca Trees and Saplings down.

Due to the wide variety of items Lashing can help create, Fibrous Leaves are considered the most versatile and commonly used item in Stranded Deep, but it doesn’t stop there.

Other uses for Fibrous Leaves outside of crafting Lashing include:

  • Obtaining water from a Water Still
  • Burning on a campfire (though sticks are more effective)

As you play the game, you will find that Fibrous Leaves are the staple of your survival. Lean into using them as much as you can.