How to Obtain Five Seconds of Air-Time on a K-Drive in Warframe

While playing around with their K-Drives in an effort to acquire the Yareli Warframe, players need to now how to get five seconds of air-time.

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Warframe became K-Drive obsessed with the addition of the Yareli Warframe. Players will need to embrace their wild side if they want to get her, including figuring out how to obtain five seconds of air-time on a K-Drive. We’ve put together this guide to show players how to grab those five seconds on the path to their new Warframe.

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How to Get Five Seconds of Air-Time on a K-Drive in Warframe

To get five seconds of air-time on a K-Drive in Warframe, players need to ride over a jump and have it fly through the air for at least five seconds. This is one of the challenges needed to unlock Page 4 in the Waverider quest and will need to be completed for anyone who wants to progress that part of the story.

The best place to go to complete this challenge is the very south of the map in Orb Vallis. To the southeast of the Transit Depot and the southwest of the Spaceport is a massive outcropping of rock that juts out over the Orb Vallis. It’s tucked out of the way of the other areas on the map, so it might not be the first players think of when trying to get air-time on their K-Drive. But it’s the best we’ve managed to find.

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Players can fly to the top of it using their Archwing and then deploy their K-Drive, speeding to the end and charging up a jump. Next, players need to release the jump as they reach the edge and make sure to aim for the deepest part of the valley below them to extend the length of time they are falling for. It might take a few attempts to get this to work perfectly, but eventually, players will tick off the five seconds they need and can move on with the rest of the challenges they need to complete.

Doing tricks is a great way to extend or make the most of any jump on a K-Drive in Warframe. Messing around in the air while falling will help players master the precise movements required to push K-Drives to their limits for races in the future.