Warframe – All K Drive Races Locations

K Drive Races are among the most enjoyable activities in Warframe, giving players a reason to go as fast as possible.


K Drive Races in Warframe take place on Orb Vallis, Venus. The Vent-Kids organize these as a finger in the eye of Nef Anyo, who would prefer seeing the little kids working in his various factories. Nora Night wants players to win three races as part of Nightwave and the ongoing timeline in Warframe. To do that, they need to know where the K Drive Races are. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of every K Drive Race location in Warframe, helping all players master them where convenient.

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All K Drive Races Locations in Warframe

The aboveĀ map shows all the K Drive Races locations in Warframe. There are only five races active at any time, operating on a daily reset. Active races pop up on the minimap as players approach them. The easiest thing to do is use an Archwing to quickly fly between all the locations and find the active ones. Alternatively, if a player has a custom-built K Drive, they can mount it whenever they choose on Orb Vallis, and the active races will show up on their map.

Completing races rewards players with Ventkids Standing, increasing a player’s rank with the Ventkids Syndicate. Players need to interact with the Ventkid at the race marker to start the race. The aim is to make it through all the marked gates and finish the race. It’s worth noting that players can take the whole week to finish all the K Drive Races. If they don’t have a K Drive, they need to do the Vox Solaris quest at Fortuna to receive a basic Bondi K Drive. Equipping it to the Gear Wheel allows players to summon it when they’re out on Orb Vallis.

If players wish to build their own custom K Drive, they need to earn standing with the Ventkids. Doing this Nightwave Challenge is a great place to start. It’ll provide the foundation from which they can jump off and win more races or earn even more standing with the Ventkids. Once players become more immersed in K Drive Racing, they can start to pull off tricks and really make a name for themselves in the community if they can put together incredible montages of their runs.