How to obtain the Wing Piece by completing the Observatory’s Constellation – Immortal Fenyx Rising

A giant game of marbles.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

To progress the story in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and get the wing piece to help fix up your own very useful wings, you will need to complete the Observatory’s Constellation. This is basically a puzzle. The solution is already given to you, marked on the wall by glowing blue dots.

These dots signify one of the dips in the ground in front of the wall, laid out in a 4×4 grid. What you need to do is find the glowing, sphereical rocks to place in the spots marked on the wall. The first one is already present, so you will need to find four of them.

Go up the stairs on the right, then take a left. You will see a large level you can pull. When you do, a gate ahead of you will pull up, but a red energy door will appear to block your path. Go up the fallen blocks beside it, and drop down into the room. Here, you will find one of the large spheres with a dip in the group. Pick it up and drop it in the dip to make a side door open up.

Go into the next room and you will find another sphere. Pick that up, and bring it back to the main Constellation, dropping it in one of the dips marked by the lights on the wall. Go back to the same spot and grab the other blue sphere and bring it back, placing it in another of the correct spots.

From there, so up the short flight of stairs and then turn right. Here you will find a pressure plate to stand on. Doing so will cause a brazier to light, and another brazier to spawn in near it. Use your bow with a guideable arrow to send a shot through the lit braizer and use it to light the other one. This can take some trial and error, so be patient. It actually helps to turn around and shout away from the building, coming in from the left to give yourself a wide arc to turn.

Lighting the brazier will cause the red energy door to drop, allowing you to grab another of the blue spheres that you can bring back to the main Constellation.

For the final piece, go back up the short flight of steps towards the last location, but drop down the other side near a large building. Run all the way around to the right wall where you will find a weak spot you can smash in. Inside is an ornate block that looks like a bears head. Push it to cause a sphere to drop which you can then bring back to the complete the Constellation.