How to open gateways in Flynn: Son of Crimson

How to progress further.

Image via Humble Games

Opening gateways in Flynn: Son of Crimson isn’t as easy as saying “Open Sesame.” There’s a lot more to it than that in this indie platformer. There are multiple ways the game challenges you to progress to the next section of the game walled off by an annoying black wall. Here’s how to open these gateways up.

At first, the game makes it simple to open these gateways. On the level, you’ll see a red crystal that is the size of Flynn. Striking it will release the crystal from its placement and then it will soar into the gateway, opening the door.

Screenshot by Gamepur

However, there may be multiple crystals you’ll need to find in the level to open up a gateway. You can tell by looking at the indentments on the gateways of where the crystals are supposed to be. Looking around the level, platforming, and killing the enemies in your way like bees will help you find the red crystals all over.

We also found a time-based crystal. When striking it, you’ll have to chase it to its destination. If you’re too late, the gate can close before you’re ready. Stay attentive and roll when necessary to get there in time. There may be some other variants of these gates and if we find others, we’ll update this post.