How to open green dot doors in Metroid Dread

Storm Missiles are the only way to proceed.

Image via Nintendo

There are multiple types of doors in Metroid Dread. Opening one leads Samus to a new section of Planet ZDR, but many can only be unlocked with certain weapons. Some doors glow yellow, ones with a dull yellow color, red bubble doors, purple dome doors, and doors with five green circles. They can be found throughout the world and can only be opened with the Storm Missile ability.

The Storm Missile weapon upgrade is unlocked after defeating Escue on Ferenia. It allows Samus to fire a barrage of missiles at multiple targets, making it one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This technique is necessary to open green dot doors, called Storm Missile Boxes on the map. However, instead of firing the missiles directly at the door, you need to find five individual green lights nearby it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The lights are placed in the room with the door, so you won’t have to look far. Once you find all five of them, charge up a Storm Missile attack and lock onto the five green lights. Unleash the attack with Y, and if they all hit, the door will reveal a new path. You may need to stand in a specific spot to ensure you hit all of the lights as missiles can run into walls or the floor.

Storm Missile Boxes are one of three green doors in the game. You will also encounter green-domed doors and plasma doors. Storm Missile only works on green dotted doors.